Wingspan Pilot

How2Life Pilot: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating the Wingspan+How2Life Pilot! We really appreciate your help. Below you will find answers to some of the most asked questions.

What is How2Life?

How2Life is a mobile app designed to provide you with information and resources to helpyou get through life. To keep in touch with the people that keep you going, see the Favorite 5 feature. For help with literally anything, see the Resources section. Need somemotivation? Go to the InspireMe library. Most importantly, you can learn important life skills like how to file your taxes, keep your home clean, or take care of your mental health, by visiting our content library. When you read the content you earn points, those points become real-world rewards in the form of e-gift cards.

What's in it for me?

By participating in this pilot, you will have the opportunity to redeem rewards from the app such as e-gifts cards for Amazon, Chick-fil-a, Mike’s Car Wash, and lots more. Plus, we’ll give you a $100 Amazon e-gift card as a bonus for participating!


To receive the $100 Amazon gift card you must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the Casey Life Skills Assessment at the beginning AND end of the pilot
  • Participate in at least one focus groups
  • Take 10 courses
  • Login at least once a week until June 30
  • Fill out the final survey

What is expected of me?

As a participant in this pilot, you are expected to use the app as you normally would then provide your opinions and ideas until the end of the pilot (June 30th). You are expected to rate the content and complete all feedback surveys you encounter in the app, providing your honest opinion. Periodically, you will be expected to participate in a short focus group (about once a month). At the end of the pilot, you are expected to complete a final survey.

How long will the pilot last?

The pilot officially ends on June 30th, at which time you will be asked to complete a final survey. Once you submit your final survey, you will receive your bonus reward for participating.

How to download the app?

Check your email. A link will be sent to you directly via the email account you provided. If you cannot find it you may also download the app directly from the appropriate iOS or Google store.

How to login?

If it’s your first time logging in to How2Life, select “Sign Up”. Then enter your email (it must be the email you used when you signed up to participate in the pilot) and create a password. If you’ve logged in before, choose “Sign In” and enter your email and password.

How will it update?

Every now and then you will receive an email, notifying you that the app has updates. Select “Download the latest build” in the email.

What to do if you forgot your username or password?

If you’ve forgotten the email that you’re using for your How2Life log-in, you can email or call(855)246-5491. If you’ve forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password?”.

How to earn points and redeem rewards?

You can earn points by completing content. Content is not considered complete until you have completed a short quiz at the end. You can check the points you have simply by looking at the top right of the screen within the status bar. Touch the rewards icon to view the catalog to find out what is available to be claimed.

How do I provide feeback and suggestions?

Above all else, we value your ideas, opinions, andexperiences, which means that we need you to share any feedback and suggestionsthat you have! You can share your thoughts by rating content, responding tocontent feedback surveys, participating in focus groups, emailing, calling (855) 246-5491,and completing the final survey. In the app, you can report bugs and technicalissues using the “Help & Feedback” page or make suggestions using the“Suggest” page. Select the type of suggestion you want to make from thedrop down, provide a few details, then select “SEND FEEDBACK:.

How do I get help?

To get help, you can email or call (855) 246-5491 to speak with an administrator. You can also request help through the app by using the “Help & Feedback” page. Select the type of issue you’re experiencing from the drop down, provide a few details about the issue, then select “SEND FEEDBACK:.

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