Top 10 Healthiest States in America!

1) Hawaii – there’s just something about the Hawaii life that just makes you want to live forever! It’s been in the top 10 since 1990 when this list first came out! It has very low obesity rates and very high mental health ratings.

2) Vermont – Not only are they healthy, but they also tote the lowest violent crime rate in the entire country!

3) Massachusetts – They are the highest rated state for most insured residents. Not only that, but their obesity ratings are extremely low.

4) Minnesota – Must be all that hockey that gives Minnesotans the lowest rate of cardiovascular deaths!

5) New Hampshire – Does very well in having almost all children and adolescents immunized.

6) Connecticut – Ranks high in lowest drug use and diabetes, and one of the highest in physical activity.

7) Utah – Very high ranking state for lowest smoking, diabetes and cancer deaths in the country.

8) Colorado – People living in the Rockies sure do stay healthy! It ranks #1 in physical activity and lowest in cases of obesity.

9) Washington – Very few incidents of infectious diseases and cardiovascular deaths.

10) Nebraska – Very low drug usage and deaths and very high immunizations to children and adolescents.

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