Is Eating Organic Foods Actually Healthier?

In a short worded answer (just in case you’re only here to read the answer to the question) = Yes, eating organic foods is healthier than the alternative of eating non-organic foods.

Now if you’d like to hear why… then keep on reading!

Organic foods are made completely naturally. They are made with natural fertilizers (manure) versus synthetic chemicals. They also contain fewer pesticides. They contain more nutrients and antioxidants. This not only attributes to better mental, emotional and physical health to you, but also our environment!

Not only are organic foods better for your health, but they’re also better for your taste buds. Since they contain no preservatives, they are fresher than the alternative.

Organic foods also contain absolutely no GMO (genetically modified organisms) which means that they are not genetically engineered or DNA altered in any way. In order words, they’re natural and not weird and disgusting.

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