10 Foods That Have “Negative” Calories

Cucumbers – They have what’s called “negative calories.” This means that you can just eat loads of cucumbers and lose weight, right? Well, no. That’s not exactly the case. The fact is that cucumbers do carry some calories with them but while you are eating them, you are also burning the calories from the exercise of chewing. In the end, the equation = yes, negative calories. Also, Cucumber tastes refreshing delicious in your water! It’s a total win, all-around!

Asparagus – Same thing as above… except this time, your urine will remind you that you ate some amazing asparagus!

Garlic – Yup! Same as cucumbers and asparagus. My only suggestion is that you combine it with some food as an ingredient. “I love biting into this huge bulb of garlic!” … said no one…ever.

Apples – Yes, this scrumptious fruit has less calories than it takes to eat it. Although, you must know that fruit does contain sugar that can eventually turn into fat. On the contrary, apples do contain phytonutrients that can combat those effects, but we’ll get into that later.

Grapefruit – That’s right. Our favorite breakfast food can help you lose weight! And it’s also a great source of vitamin A and C!

Oranges – Not only a great source of instant energy (same reason why we give it to our kids while playing sports) but it also contains less calories than it takes to chew them up!

Celery – Celery contains a very low number of calories…unless you’re combining it with greasy fried hot wings! Then, not so much.

Carrots – Same as all above…just don’t think you’re eating negative calories when you’re dipping them in ranch!

Onions – You might want to consider mixing them with some other sort of food unless you’re using them to keep vampires away… or someone you don’t want to get too close to your mouth.

Lemons – Not only do they have less calories than it takes to digest them, but they also have the power of turning any dull cup of water into something very delicious!

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